Best student loan refinance companies
Best student loan refinance companies

Whether you’re looking to pay off your student debt faster or shrink your monthly student loan debt payments, student loan refinance companies can help.

Student loan refinancing involves securing a new loan to pay off some or all of the existing loans you took out to finance your education. You might do this to get the lowest student loan refinance rate, release your cosigner, secure a shorter term, or make monthly payments more manageable.

Whatever your refinancing goal, choose a private lender that offers the lowest rates and benefits that your current lender doesn’t offer.

Start your search with the top 10 best companies to refinance loans with in 2020. All offer competitive rates, excellent loan terms, and perks that make being a borrower a little more manageable. …

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to paying off student loan debt. You need to know what works for your personal situation. What helps one person could actually harm someone else.

Here are five common pieces of advice that don’t always pan out so well for borrowers. Read on to learn what’s wrong with these student loan tips and what you should do instead.

1.Switching to an income-driven repayment plan saves you money

If you have federal student loans, switching to an income-driven repayment plan can help lower your monthly payments. There are four income-driven repayment plans and each caps your monthly payment at 10 to 20 percent of your discretionary income. …


My Credit Counselor is the top non-attorney private student loan specialist in the United States.

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